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 If you could do it again?
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2011 8:52 pm    Post subject: If you could do it again? Reply with quote

once again I'm about to take much of my studio apart and put it back together again...

through the summer I concentrated on selling gear don't use in order to upgrade my system... which means revamping a large portion of the patch bays, moving gear from the racks on the left tot he racks on the right (and visa versa) based on what I think (this time) would be the optimum workflow...sigh

I have yet figured out how to "plan for the future"...

I'm about to install the Hear Back monitoring system for headphone mixes... and how could I have anticipated that CAT 5 cables would be the next ... frontier (and I suspect that's where things are heading)... so holes in a wall, Cat 5 cables run as discreetly as possible... since putting inside the wall isn't a viable (or remotely practical option...)

and I'm adding a AD/DA converter which means more inputs/outputs... though needed the task almost overwhelms me...


If I ever do this again... I'm going to run all cable runs in conduit (or smurf tube) and install extra runs with "future" pull boxes

Patch bays... well they need to be re-labled... and my racks are soooooo packed that accessing from underneath (which is what i wanted to avoid ever having to do again), means I need to pull not all, but alot of them... and of course my patch snakes probably aren't exactly what i need.......

If you could start over... what would you do different?

maybe there should be a 'recording therapist"... I bet he/she could make a fortune....

and I wonder...when is enough enough? when do you tell the "upgrades" see ya?

Stainless ....

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