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 HC and metronomes
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 15, 2011 9:04 am    Post subject: HC and metronomes Reply with quote

This just appeared.... normally i wouldn't comment much on their commentary... but this just seems like generally bad advice. Perhaps for a rehearsed band it's fine to record without a click/metronome, but i've had too many instances where someone has played without "because that's just my style" and their timing is so variable that the amount of time it takes for other players to come in and lay down a track takes forever... and is usually comped together because of having to memorize where "Mr/Mrs./Ms that's my style" sped up up, slowed down and how long after a full measure stop they actually waited to start into the next verse/chorus... etc.

In more than a few instances it's become apparent rather quickly that either continuing on with the "that's my style" approach is going to result in a very 'loose/sloppy' tune... or else it's quickly becoming a complete trainwreck with a group of really flustered players

regardless of the guys creds, to me this article was just plain irresponsible journalism. Maybe I'm a purist, but this seems likely to give cause for a lot of "musicians" to simply blame others , the engineer, or the producer for their shortcomings

I'll stop now

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