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 The Recording Project User Policy
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 24, 2003 9:00 am    Post subject: The Recording Project User Policy Reply with quote

NOTE: if you don't receive a confirmation email within 10 minutes of registering, please send an email to rpadmin at recordingproject dot com and we'll manually activate you.

The Recording Project User Policy / Agreement

By creating an account and/or using services on The Recording Project (RP) website, you agree to be bound by this policy. Violations of this policy can result in banning by username or IP. Excessive abuse may be reported to your ISP, and you risk losing your Internet service. Any attempts to "hack", break, or tamper with the site or server may result in criminal and/or civil charges.

All activity is logged and monitored. You are offered no guarantee of privacy on any RP service.

Policy Scope

- This policy is subject to change without warning at any time.
- This policy may be extended by moderators and administrators on the forums. Supplemental policies will be posted as announcements or sticky notes at the top of the forum that the rules apply to.

The Following are Prohibited

- Unauthorized advertisment of products or services, i.e. SPAM.
- Using RP services to violate copyright law, or any other law or international treaty of the United States or Canada.
- Adult content such as pornographic images or text.
- Content which is racist, sexist, hateful, obscene, demoralizing or in any way purposely harmful.
- Personal threats and slander.
- Attempts to hack or disrupt the operation of the site. (The disruptor's ISP may be contacted as may be legal authorities.)
- Deep linking directly to media hosted by RP. (Linking to a page on RP is fine, but linking from another site directly to a media file hosted by RP is prohibited.)
- Registering multiple accounts.

Forum Use Guidelines and Restrictions

- Keep your posts in the appropriate forums. i.e. don't ask questions about guitar amps in the computer hardware forum.
- Don't post the same question across several different forums, i.e. 'crossposting'.
- Do not attack other users. Argue and disagree, but abusive name calling, personal insults, and other such behavior will not be tolerated. Note: discussions that have strayed sufficiently off-topic and/or have turned into big arguments, e.g. "flame wars", may be locked by a moderator.
- Do not harass new members.
- Posting replies to old threads or outdated polls in an intentionally disruptive manner is not permitted.
- Posting a large number of non-sensical threads/comments (i.e. Flooding) is disruptive and not permitted.
- Anyone uploading an audio file to The Recording Project must abide by this policy:
- Report posts that appear to violate this policy to the appropriate moderator, but do not harass the poster of the offending message.
- The use of expletives in thread titles is not allowed.
- Avatars and signatures with inappropriate images or text, i.e. explicit nudity, depictions of violence, symbols of hate or other are not permitted. Remember, your avatar and signature appears in all forums on this BBS. Images used in signatures cannot exceed 80 pixels in height and 150 pixels in width.
- Do not attempt to continue threads that have been locked. If a thread is locked, do not post a new thread about the thread being locked.
- Use the "report this post to a moderator" link that appears in all posts to report potential violations to a moderator. Your complaint will be seen, although you may not be responded to publically or privately.


It is quite impossible to state explicitly what content would or would not be considered acceptable. The member is responsible for weighing any content that he or she may wish to submit against the rules stated in this policy. If the member is unclear as to whether the content would be in violation of this policy, he or she should first contact a moderator or administrator.

We reserve the right to determine what constitutes a violation of any portion of this policy. Potential violations will be investigated on a case per case basis. During an investigation and when determining a subsequent course of action, we may take into consideration the history of the member in question, whether he or she was provoked, and feedback from other members. There may be cases in which an action is taken against a member that is dissimilar to an action taken against another member for what appears to be a similar violation. While we do make an effort to be fair, the user is not entitled to any explicit baseline of fair treatment and is granted no special rights on the Recording Project above and beyond that required by US and Canadian law.

We are under no obligation to make public the process through which a potential violation is investigated, nor the reasons behind any subsequent action.

Users who are banned from RP will not be able to log on to their accounts. If you are banned, then you are not allowed to create a new user name, and doing so will be considered continuous unauthorized use of this computer system.

If you feel that you have been unnecessarily banned, or simply want another shot at being part of the community, then send an email stating your case to . You are not guaranteed a response.

Submission Copyright
Any text message, image, audio file, or other media/data posted to The Recording Project is copyright the submitter. The submitter grants The Recording Project non-exclusive rights to the material for use on the Recording Project website and other media or services sponsored by the Recording Project, in any capacity, for an indefinite period of time. The Recording Project is under no obligation to remove material from the website at the request of the submitter. The Recording Project reserves the right to remove any material from the website for any reason, and to edit material that is obscene or inappropriate, without consent from the submitter.

Dealer / Representative Policy
If you represent any company that supplies goods or services to the recording/audio community, then you must abide by the policy here:

Minimum Age Requirement
You must be at least 13 years of age to use any service provided by The Recording Project, including but not limited to the discussion forums.

If you are not at least 13 years old then you must leave. Sorry, but we must insist.

Enjoy your stay at RecordingProject.Com!

Ancient Chinese secret, huh?!

"The object of this invention is to record in permanent characters the human voice and other sounds, from which characters such sounds may be reproduced and rendered audible again at a future time." U.S. Patent No. 200,521, Feb. 19, 1878.
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