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 New mics, finally!
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PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2016 9:32 pm    Post subject: New mics, finally! Reply with quote

For years I've been using my Oktava on vocals and fairly happy with it, I figured I'd buy a new mic when I became a better singer... Well after celebrating one year without tonsils I feel like I finally have made a stride as a vocalist. Turns out I had some fairly serious blockage in my throat for years.

Anyway I bought a Shure SM7b and WOW! So much happier with the way it sounds, the overall sound is just so much smoother on the top end and articulate on the lows in ways I haven't had before, other than when I've tracked in commercial studios using high end Neve preamps and fancy tube mics and the like... Of course now that I have that pro level vocal mic I'm playing around with my guitar tones again... So far since it's off season around where I live and income is a bit lower than the rest of the year I'm hitting pawn shops and last week I came away with an M-Audio Nova for $45 out the door... I figured I could flip it on Reverb if it sucks... Turns out to be a pretty clean honest sounding mic. Sure it's not as sexy as some highly modded tube mic or some crazy high end German mic but... I think I actually prefer it to my Audio Technica AT4040... Guess I'll keep the cycle of upgrades at the current pace and I might own some pretty decent stuff in 20 years or so.

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