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 Problems recording with Fostex G16
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 10:41 am    Post subject: Problems recording with Fostex G16 Reply with quote

Hi all

I got a Fostex G16. It plays great but regarding recording... Hum... Sad

Well, I believe the repro head is fine calibrated. I did it with a MRL tape I bought directly from them.

Then I tried to follow the procedure that comes with some pages from the operating manual I was able to get from the web (I don't have the original).

So, here is the equipment I'm using:
- Sound mixer (has 8 subgroups)
- A CD recorded with 3 tones (100Hz, 1KHz and 10KHz)
- My old but still working oscilloscope

First try:

I started setting the outputs of the mixer so I was getting the 1KHz tone at -10dBV, about 900mV peek-to-peek on the oscilloscope, then I made the recording calibrations to set the signal at TP4 to -12.5dBV (670mV p2p).

Results: Even trying to increase the REC LVL pot, I only get some recorded signal on some few tracks, while others stay with some noise and a very weak signal. Already recorded signal is still present! So, the new signal is being overlapped the already existing signal... No erase occurs!

Second try:
As the signal was week, I used the mixer main outs, set the mixer output to 0dB according to the VU meter on the mixer and checked the signal amplitude on the oscilloscope. Then, and putting apart any 2.5dB adjustment, I adjusted all REC CAL pots to this 0dB signal.

Results: Some more signal... but got the same issues on the very same tracks

Everything sounds great when monitoring. I already demagnitezed the heads, cleaned them, ... The signals are OK on the test points...

Now... may it be a BIAS issue? Does the erase head is OK?

When I tried to calibrate the Erase Level I was getting always the same kind of signal with same amplitudes, either on AC or DC.

May I consider that the recorder is damaged or may I have some hope with some tips given by you?

Help!!! Surprised
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